All the testimonials are from real customers who have felt the benefits of Dionic Energy Bracelets we make no health claims but please read these and make your own mind up about our products.


Actually I only bought it for the nice design, but I have been suffering from Insomnia for many years. About 2 weeks after purchasing the bracelet, I realized that I was beginning to sleep much better and am feeling more energetic and more relaxed. Amazing!

Kay-K - UK

i purchased my braclet from the landrover show at billing aquadrome. I must say I have defiantly noticed a difference, I suffer from a prolapsed disc and other medical problems and found I’m feeling a lot less pain so would recommend these items.

I’m still not sure about the claps as mine is still loose although I did take it back to the gentleman on the store and he said it was fine, still have my doubts but see how it goes.

Thanks for your mine of information and wish you every success in your new adventure

Jayne - Northhamptonshire

Very wary about the effects claimed, borrowed a friends bracelet for a few hours the effect was amazing I suffer with arthritis in both knees it won’t cure but it sure helps wouldn’t be with out it,cheers Steve see you again

Tank - UK

I bought one of the older versions of these and wore it 24/7 for a year until the strap broke. Absolutely wonderful. I sleep well and the pain in my arthiritc knee all but disappeared.
When the strap broke I sent it back to Steve at Dionic and he arranged a replacement for one of the new Series 1 bracelets with the watch strap design instead of the buckle. I was without my bracelet for 5 days and the pain in my knee was excruciating.

My new bracelet arrived yesterday and I put it on straight away. This morning the pain in my knee is gone.
I don’t know how it works and quire frankly I don’t care but it does and I wouldn’t be without it. I will be buying another one in purple as a spare.
I am a raging cynic but have to say that this works.

Ruth Edwards - UK

Bought a bracelet and after wearing it for a couple of weeks definitely felt I had more energy. However I then took it off for a week and was astounded at how my energy levels dropped and how my general sense of wellbeing did not feel good at all. It was a shock! I would not be without it now. Absolutely fantastic product. I have now bought one for my husband and would recommend it to anyone.

Ann - UK

I have always been quite sceptical but also intrigued by all the different types of bracelets out there
which are supposed to help with everything from travel sickness to joint pain and fatigue.

This just passed weekend I went to a motorcycle show with my dad and there were people selling these specific bracelets there. The seller performed a ‘test’ on both my father and me, a basic balance test with and without the bracelet; I must say I saw significant difference with the bracelet. I was still a bit unsure about purchasing one, thinking of it as just psychological effect on me but since my symptoms have been worsening quite a bit recently I decided to give it a shot.

I haven’t regretted it since. I have had a significant different with my pain allowing me to move around a lot easier and I haven’t been feeling as travel sick as I usually do. Granted it hasn’t gotten rid of all the pain and such but it has made it just that bit more bearable. I haven’t taken the thing off apart from showering, which isn’t necessary to remove it but that was my choice to do.

I would honestly recommend this bracelet to anyone with Fibro. Yes it will have different effects on each sufferer but if there’s a possibility it helps you as much as it helps me then it’s worth a shot right?

Fibro101 – -

Bought my bracelet at the ideal home Christmas exhibition, went along with it!! as you do… Never took it off… Until!! I joined a gym, and recently started to lift weights with my PT it was only when he said what you do not ache at all after, but Gina he said it is a tough regime for a women!! lol I had not even thought about it he could not believe I was not suffering any after effects whatsoever!!! I have since bought 4 more for family members, So so glad I stopped at the stall THANK YOU!!!!!


No more butter-fingers! Definitely noticed a difference in the reduction of butter-fingerousnous since wearing one of these bracelets! Glad to have found something useful at Quest in Newton Abbott. 🙂

Tim - Newton Abbott

first saw these bracelets at a harley davidson rally. purchased one and since purchased three more brilliant

Rob Hall - UK

I bought my bracelet after taking the “test” at a motorbike rally (Gold Wing Owners Club Treffen) in Carmarthen, over the August bank holiday. Although a little sceptical, I am amazed at the difference in the way I feel. I have bags more energy and an irritating arthritis pain that I had in my thumb joint has all but disappeared.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your product, thank you so much.

Dawn Farrugia - Carmarthen

I bought one of these bracelets in April 2014. Suffering from high blood pressure, headaches and fatigue form being a 6 footer and over worked…. I found that with in a few days my lifestyle, motivation, general health and well being TOTALLY CHANGED for the better…Being very sceptical of any bolt on goodies nowadays, I can highly recommend the wristband as a good addition to health awareness.. Also please make sure that the wristband is a GOOD EASY fit and you do not allow extra pressure on the fittings.

TyrefinderMick - UK

I bought this for my husband who suffers with joint pain from the ideal home exhibition He is soo impressed. Within 12 hours he noticed a difference, he has more energy,and the pains in his joints is noticeably reduced.
A great product and have recommended it to family and friends, thank you.


I have just received my bracelet, and I’ve never felt like this for at least 15 yrs ! I thought I’d let you know of why I have, or had, this problem, It could help so many more people. I had a tumour when I was 13, that was 32 years ago, when I was 30 I got epilepsy, the medication causes balance problems too. I hope you explain how you devised this, and how it works, on your website, I am interested to understand how. I really can,t thank you enough !! feel like a new woman !!!

Rachael Jackson - Wales

I bought two of these bracelets for my husband and myself. My husband suffers with very painful joints and extreme tiredness. The results were amazing in just 24 hours, and he refuses to take it off! My son has painful knee joints and treated him for his birthday, once again brilliant results. I totally agree with the first review, the customer service is superb. Very prompt and extremely helpful, and I have been very pleased thank you.

Jenny Appleyard - Nottingham

Bought my bracelet at the Newark Mind Body and Spirit show, I feel it has had a very positive effect on me and feel much better now. I have had further dealings with the company and can say they are very good to deal with, and would recommend them to future customers.

P Fairclough - Newark

I purchased mine at a motorcycle rally earlier this year, and was taken by the demonstration given to me and my wife, I had trouble with my knee whilst riding, also a tingling in my fingers whilst riding, this as now been cured by wearing the Bracelet, and my wife’s aches and pains seem to have eased considerably, I must also comment on the excellent customer service, having broken the strap on my bracelet, it was replaced within a couple of days. I would recommend these to anyone who suffers from any niggles with joint pain whatsoever.

Andy Race

Bought this bracelet last year at the equine fair as a sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis and although it doesn’t totally remove all symptoms the pain has been dramatically reduced. I took if off in January and forgot to put it back on, within a couple of days I was in so much pain and struggling to walk again when I suddenly realised I wasn’t wearing it. I put it back on and it has not been removed since and I’ve just ordered one for my mum.

Vanessa Wooton

I was a little sceptical of the benefits but liked the design and was happy just to have a bracelet but I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. After 2 weeks continual wear all my morning aches and pains have disappeared, I no longer hobble downstairs one step at a time! Took it off for a night and sure enough some of my aches reappeared the next day, though not as bad as before. I don’t understand the how or the why but it does work for me and no ‘green’ wrist like some other bracelets to relieve aches.

Helen - UK

Bought mine back in mid may 2014, always had trouble with circulation to my hands when riding my Harley Davidson, bought it at a rally and not taken it off since. I noticed that I never had to take my hands off the handle bars to move them to get circulation back, the pain in my knees has gone, wouldn’t be without it now

Kev Jowie

Contacted the company and they were great. They told me on Wednesday that they’d send out a new one (albeit) the Marine Blue was out of stock and it arrived today. So I’m giving 4 stars for service. If this one lasts and the effects are the same I will re-review in a few weeks.

Caroline - UK

This bracelet is excellent!!! After 3 days of wearing it my aches and pains had all but disappeared! Awesome!

David Chisholm

My husband bought two bracelets in July at Mallory Bike Bonanza and as found the bracelet a great help with his arthritic hands, he left the bracelet off one night and the pain returned, put it on again next morning, pain gone. He is also delighted that my bracelet has stopped my snoring. A great find which we are very pleased with, will certainly recommend it.

Avery Woolton - Cornwall, UK

The DIONIC bracelet was demonstrated to me some 2 weeks ago by a lovely lad at Sywell Aerodrome Rally (Northamptonshire) having difficulty with arthritis in my fingers for many years, even resorting to cortisone injections earlier this year, I’m NEVER sceptical if there’s a possibility of relief…. so I immediately bought one. Although pushing 82 I still work hard at two of my three passions. Garden design and creation, stained glass panel design and making and…… no, won’t tell you the third !! Well after two of the hardest weeks this year my energy levels are definitively UP and the relief to my hands simply unbelievable. So, as I said, I’m always positive and I might be mistaken. But all the signs are pointing UP !!!!!

Mike Cooper - UK

I bought 2, the one I bought for my self is ok, my husband had the titanium black one, it was no good for him it did not help at all, so am going to order a diffrent type …..mine helps…. with hot flushes and pain in my the knees and much more energy, you dont believe it until you take it off .

Peggy - London

Just a few lines to say ive been wearing the new black and gold silicone bracelet for about a month now and had a bioflow bracelet which id worn for many years ,i took this off to embrance the dionic bracelet for a couple of weeks i accepted the fact that the dionic had an effect on better energy levels and general well being but missed my bioflow for that little extra being a large chap so i now wear both and i feel amazing ive got a spring in my step and would recommend the dionic bracelet .At the time of purchase the founder of the business proclaimed that magnets where incorporated and admitted they were not as powerfull as the bioflow explaining why so i did try … But for me the combined effect is brilliant !

Charlie Parker - UK

I bought this bracelet in November at the Classic Car and Motorbike show at the NEC, Birmingham. it has helped with my joint pain in my knee and I have found I sleep better at night as well. These bracelets are fantastic and I would highly recommend them to anyone

Gareth Hawkes - Bracelet...Constantine

Bought it at the SOFER  (Harley Davidson) rally this year and would now not be without it. I do a lot of travelling by car and usually my feet really ache when get out after a few hours driving but no problems anymore. And also apparently my snoring not as bad as it used too be. Love it

Sueydude - London, UK

I brought my bracelet around three and half weeks ago. And last weekend took it off for 24hrs As I don’t have any significant pain I can only say what difference to me I have noticed. My balance has improved, I found it easier to carry my shopping home without having to stop and juggle the bags around. Also while my bracelet was off I did not sleep good, plus I don’t know if it is the bracelet but since ive been wearing it i am finding my stress levels at work are not as great as usual, what usually takes my stress high is not fazing me as much and i am actually slightly more relaxed and my sleep problem i had, after the second night with the bracelet on my sleep improved.

Chrissey - UK