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  • Unobtainium – Gold, Silver & Titanium bracelet
  • Dionic Energy® High quality Silicon/Stainless-Steel/Titanium bracelets
  • One size fits all, links can be removed for resizing*
  • Dionic Energy® Bracelets contain Tourmaline, Germanium (FIR) Far-Infra Red & High Quality Rare-Earth Magnetic Particles
  • Dionic Energy® Bracelets have one of the highest Ion content currently available in the U.K.

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Bracelets by Dionic Energy® are Silicon/Medical Grade Stainless Steel/Titanium bracelets… that contain Tourmaline, Germanium (FIR) Far-Infra Red and High Quality Rare-Earth Magnetic Particles.

By simply wearing the band on a daily basis you will absorb the negative ions from it…. our bracelets have one of the highest Ion content currently available in the U.K. 


  • Germanium… Emits (FIR) Far-Infra Red and can be found in the ‘Holy Waters’ at Lourdes
  • Tourmaline… Also known as Tigers Eye has very high magnetic qualities
  • High Quality Rare-Earth Magnets (strong permanent magnets made from alloys of rare earth elements)….used in medical therapy worldwide

Please note: Bracelets from Dionic Energy are not intended as a substitute for medical advice or care. Should you have any specific questions or concerns about your health, please consult your health care provider, benefits cannot be guaranteed as every individual is different & may experience different levels of effect.


Dionic-Energy The Alternative to modern living.

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Dimensions21.00 × 12 cm

3 reviews for Unobtainium

  1. Jonathan Marsh

    Ok I was very skeptical about this but I thought it looks nice so even if its just a bracelet its not a bad price. The day I bought the bracelet was 2 weeks after having a wisdom tooth out. The 2 weeks were horrendously painfully due to deep drilling into the jaw bone. On the day I still had some pain and took painkillers in the morning but hadn’t taken any painkillers in the afternoon (I was taking 4 tablets every 3 hours prior to this day). I put the bracelet on and thought no more about it. A week later I remember the sales guy telling me to change arms to see if it make a difference which I did. I swopped it from the arm on the side of the tooth removal to the other side. Within about 2-3 hours I started to get tooth pain again. So I swopped it straight back. Woke up in the morning no pain. Since the morning of the day I bought the bracelet I have taken no pain killers. Now I don’t know if this works, how it works or if it is the placebo effect, but all I can say is the pain went has stayed away.

  2. Mark england

    Had only just recently bought the bracelet and within minutes my pain that I suffer from seemed to go I’m sure that this is the best bracelet I’ve ever had and the quailty is next to non amazing quailty and works amazingly

  3. Patricia Lea (verified owner)

    After suffering with high levels of stress related mental and physical issues, I decided to buy one of these having had it recommended by a friend. I suffered with aches and pains throughout my back due to anxiety from work, I was suffering with low moods constantly, and I felt out of control as medicines made no difference. I purchased the bracelet in August 2017, and wore on my left wrist. I had noticed a comment that one should try on the other wrist if there was no feeling of improvement, which I surly did. Within days I felt relaxed and far more contented. I felt able to attend a job interview, and ultimately got the job. I attribute my current improvement in physical and mental health to the changes, and whether they are psychosomatic or genuine changes from this bracelet never being off my wrist, I don’t really care.
    In response to my improvement, I suggested this to my brother who was suffering with anxiety after a debilitating injury to his back. I had lost my confident, focused brother and on hearing my story agreed to let me buy him one. After not seeing him for several weeks, I noticed a 100% improvement in his general well being, and whilst he still suffers with the back pain, it has improved from a 7 out of 10 to a 5 out of 10 in the pain scale. He again does not suffer fools, and is a sceptic of anything that cannot be proved. He is still wearing the bracelet and like me is not worried if it’s not scientifically proven, he just knows it’s worked.
    I am now just about to buy a third for a family friend…. watch this space.
    Patricia Lea

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should the strap prove to be too large it can be cut to ensure a comfortable fit without affecting the performance of the bracelet guaranteeing the correct fit.

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