Payment method:

All payments are via Paypal to guarantee complete peace of mind, no one else will be able to access your card details.

How long will it take for my purchase to arrive?

unless the item is currently not in stock or it is an international purchase your order should arrive with 48 hours…(please allow up to 28 days for delivery if not in stock)

Is it safe to wear for everyone? 

Bracelets by Dionic-Energy® are totally Non-invasive & completely safe for just about everyone to wear young or old, no drugs are involved & nothing is injested /absorbed or taken orally that may cause problems, possible exceptions to this may be someone that wears a pacemaker or pregnant women although it is fair to say even then it is unlikely to have any significant effect…having said this in the extremely unlikely event that you experience any negative effects whatsoever remove the bracelet straight away

Disclaimer. Bracelets by Dionic Energy are not intended as a substitute for medical advice or care. Should you have any specific questions or concerns about your health, please consult your health care provider…benefits cannot be guaranteed as every individual is different & may experience different levels of effect.


You will be advised via e-mail if your order cannot be met for any reason due to unforseen circumstances.


All Dionic Energy products are Guranteed for a period of 90 days from the original date of purchase against manufacturing fault, we are not obliged to replace items that have been damaged due to neglect /misuse or carelessness by the end user, all decisions concerning replacement of product are the decision of and its directors… all decisions are final & No further correspondence shall be entered into.

How do I return my order if there is a problem?

Please see the guarantee section above, however should you need to return your purchase for any reason, please return it (When we have confirmed by e-mail it is o.k. to do so)  with a covering note including the following…

1. What the problem is! .

2. Your full name & address & telephone number

3. Order number if applicable & Credit/debit card receipt No.

4. Our return…43 Old Rectory Mews St Columb Major Cornwall TR9 6BZ.

… Remember without the above information we cannot address your problem, if you send your bracelet without this information we will be unable to return it to you. 


should the problem be one of a simple colour change.. please include a cheque or postal order for £3.50 made out to & we will pleased to exchange the bracelet for a different style or colour provided that the item is undamaged & in the same condition that it was received…Remember unless all your contact details are included with the item (when returned as above) we will not know who it is from & will not be able to complete the exchange….thank you.

Is it O.K. to Wear more than one bracelet?

Should you wish to do so it is no problem whatsoever…however you will not get double the effect by wearing two bracelets there is more than sufficient Tourmaline & Germanium in one to get the desired results for most people.

Will my bracelet affect my watch or any other electrical devices?

No not at all.

Is it necessary to wear my bracelet all the time?

Individual results may vary as everyone`s biological make up can differ, but to benefit from the bracelet`s effects you will need to be wearing it!.. this may sound like a pretty obvious statement but if you leave it off for the majority of the time you will probably not get as good a result as someone who wears theirs all the time..remember the bracelets are made of a combination of Titanium or medical grade stainless steel & silicone & are 100% waterproof & are terrific for all water sports (Surfers, swimmers etc) they are even slim enough to fit under a wetsuit & can be worn in the shower or the bath,so its up to you.

How long do the bracelets last?

The Tourmaline & Germanium is embedded into the silicone of the strap so will last as long as the bracelet, which in most cases should be many years, unless you fancy a change & buy another or have damaged it whilst wearing it.

Does it matter which wrist I wear it on?

Absolutely Not! …it can be worn on either wrist because the effects circulate around the whole body regardless of which wrist you wear it on…we have sold a number of our bracelets to the medical profession (G.P`s & nurses) nurses are on their feet for long periods of time… increased blood flow & oxygen content help with fatigue from long hours spent working on the wards, (nurses tend to wear them on their ankles as they are not allowed to wear anything on their wrists whilst working in the hospital) this allows them to enjoy the benefit of the bracelet despite their work restrictions.

Should the bracelet be worn tight or loose?

It can be worn comfortably either way, although you may find it more comfortable if worn so that it does not slide around too easily!

Is the Bracelet Guaranteed to work?

There is no reason why the bracelet should not work for the majority of people…having said this it cannot be guaranteed, no two persons physical make is exactly the same which is why there are some people who may not get any effect at all, & it is for the reason & no other that we state the effect cannot be guaranteed.

Bracelets by Dionic Energy…The Alternative to modern living.