Having been introduced to energy bracelets a number of years ago I was very sceptical about any bracelets ability to improve anybody`s overall health I was convinced like most people, that it was so much “mumbo jumbo” & that it could not possibly help anyone in any way.

It was not until a close friend in his early 60`s that goes surfing off the coast of Cornwall opened my eyes to the benefits of wearing an energy bracelet, he explained that he felt that his energy levels were much better, his recovery times were quicker, & his general well being as far as aches & pains were concerned were much improved & as he had just introduced me to surfing at the tender age of 55 I found out first hand that all the benefits he spoke of, much to my own amazement, worked for me as well.

After much research into the various types of bracelet available here in the U.K. the bracelet from Dionic-Energy® has been launched to give you a unique combination of benefits, a silicone bracelet that includes –

Titanium Germanium/Tourmaline & far-infra red rays, as well as magnetic therapy.

It is an all in one attractive bracelet that is designed to make you feel as good as it looks.

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Dionic Energy Bracelets..Energy for living Life!