"You do not have to be a sportsperson to enjoy the benefits of our bracelets...
People from all walks of life & all ages can happily wear them"

About the bracelets from Dionic Energy

The basic premise of all the bracelets from "Dionic energy" is to emit negative Ions (Anions) Far Infra red rays & Alpha waves as well as magnetic therapy.

Whilst many companies sell Ion/hologram Bracelets, or Magnetic Bracelets few if any!... have put the properties of "both" in one bracelet, which when combined helps to make our product highly individual in the market place.

Black Tourmaline

All of our bracelets are fitted with high quality earth magnets & are infused with very high concentrations of Tourmaline & Germanium.

Black Tourmaline (the strongest) is ground into fine powder & is poured into medical grade silicone then is set in a mould or embedded in its pure form... the quality & concentration of the Tourmaline is what determines how effective a bracelet can be.


Tourmaline (Found in the Holy waters of Lourdes) is a semi precious stone first discovered in Sri-Lanka over 300 years ago...many years later Nobel prize winning scientists proved that it emits Negative Ions, when worn close to the skin (either wrist or ankle) it is absorbed into the blood stream..


It was in 1880 that Pierre Curie husband of the famous (Marie Curie) were joint recipients of the `Nobel Prize` for their research in physics along with Pierre's brother `Jacques` (a mineralogist) discovered that Tourmaline carries a weak charge when heated or when it has pressure applied to it's surface (Piezoelectricity)

This is how Tourmaline became known as the "Electric Stone" This is also why Benjamin Franklin (The inventor of the lightning rod) is said to have possessed at least one piece of Tourmaline & is said to have used it in his experiments.



Research by Japanese scientists in 1986 confirmed that tourmaline carries a small but constant charge of 0.06mA.

The researchers also found that no matter how small Tourmaline is (either crushed or ground) its still capable of emitting an electric charge, which enables it to produce Far Infra-Red Photon Energy and also Negative Ions & Alpha Waves.

Rainbow Tourmaline

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain - and most fools do".
Benjamin Franklin

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